Sun's out, fun's out in Almaguin

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Sun's out, fun's out in Almaguin


In Almaguin, the passage of time is marked not by the ticking of a clock but by the rhythm of nature's heartbeat, a steady pulse that reminds us of the fleeting beauty of each passing moment.

Whether you're embarking on an adrenaline-packed adventure or simply enjoying being together, Almaguin offers a sanctuary where time slows its relentless pace and allows for moments of real connection.

You can feel the stress melt away once you pass the Novar Boundary Road. Whether you're traveling with family or friends, immersing yourself in these Almaguin experiences promises a fulfilling escape from the day-to-day grind.


Brennan’s Hill Camping

For those seeking an authentic off-grid adventure, Brennan’s Hill Camping, a 100-acre campground in the stunning South River region, offers an unparalleled camping experience fully immersed in the Northern Ontario Wilderness. You can book one of the rustic cabins, or bring your tent or trailer to escape into nature. 

If you book with Brennan’s Hill Camping before May 1, you will receive 10% off your entire stay at any point during the season. 


Outdoor Adventures ATV

To accompany your backwoods experience, if you like the rush of tearing through the woods by ATV, you have to book a tour with Outdoor Adventures ATV - it’s like riding a rollercoaster but instead of cityscapes, you’re winding through the beautiful forests, rivers and lakes in Almaguin. You might even see a moose - or two! You can also take your rugged adventure off-land and into a kayak with one of Outdoor Adventures' experienced guides. 

Get ready to go for a rip, your ultimate ride is waiting for you. 

Different experience-level packages are available. 


Scotty’s Lake Tours

Scotty’s Lake Tours is ready to take you and your favourite people out on the water where you can take in the stunning panoramas of Eagle Lake, have a couple of casts in Doe Lake, or jump into Lake Bernard. No matter which adventure you choose, Scotty’s Lake Tours offers a comfortable space to have some laughs and connect with the beautiful lake scapes that make up the Almaguin region. 


Double Decker 

You’re going to want a bite to eat after all of that exploring and the Double Decker in Sundridge. This landmark restaurant was a staple in the Almaguin region for years and recently reopened under new management and has been serving up the flavour. Fresh, homemade everything - Double Decker is not your typical fast food joint. They even have soft-serve ice cream. Don’t take our word for it, check out their social media and when you get there, prepare your tastebuds to be dazzled. 



Doe Lake Rizzort 

Nestled amongst the rolling hills of Almaguin, the pristine shores of Doe Lake are waiting for the footprints of children, laughing as they splash into the water, after a long winter. Camping at the trailer or cottage is often a fond memory and Doe Lake Rizzort has over 40 acres of woodland overlooking Doe Lake as well as a private sandy beach that is ready for you and your family to come visit and have the best summer ever. You can even bring the dog! There is a separate beach for canine companions. 

With many recreational activities, small convenience, and a marina/boat docking available, Doe Lake Rizzort is a place you will want to bring your family back to year after year. 


Scarlett Point 

A hidden oasis tucked away in Almaguin, Scarlett Point offers luxury just mere minutes from Algonquin Park. Located in Kearney, nine fully furnished villas are ready for you and your loved ones to come and make memories on the shores of beautiful Mirror Bay. Surrounded by water on all three sides you can wake up and have your coffee on the lake-view balcony, enjoying the peaceful sunrise. 

When it comes to activities, the resort offers canoes, kayaks, and rowboats you can keep at your private dock or you can head out into Almaguin to choose your adventure. 


Midlothian Castle

Spark your imagination and restore your faith in magick because when you enter the Screaming Heads of Midlothian you are transported to the primal, esoteric realms of mystery that will inspire young and older alike. The Screaming Heads are sculpted by Canadian artist Peter Camini, and public art installation has been a fixture in the region for decades and is home to Harvest Festival. 

It is important to note that the 300-acre property is a private residence and access is by donation. There are some amazing shops at the entrance, however, featuring unique art and cool clothing so you can take a piece of the magic home with you. Be sure to bring cash and get ready for an out-of-this-world adventure. 

Curb Your Appetite 

Snacks are always required and you will be hungry after exploring Almaguin. As you drive through downtown Burk’s Falls you’ll be sure to see the bright red trailer with a lineup of people. That is the legendary Curb Your Appetite and they are the pierogies you never knew you were missing in your life. They also offer other food truck fare such as loaded french fries, mozza sticks, and sausage on a bun. 

Voted Most Recommended in 2023 by Food Guru, you will know after your first bite why they receive such positive reviews. You won’t want to miss out! 


From hiking along scenic trails to picnicking beside crystal clear lakes every corner of Almaguin is a canvas upon which family fun, adventures, and memories are created.

Eager to enhance your Almaguin escapades you can check out our other itineraries because the possibilities are as boundless as the wilderness itself!


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