Scoop up, Almaguin: Your summer guide to the hottest ice cream joints

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Scoop up, Almaguin: Your summer guide to the hottest ice cream joints


It’s looking like a hot-hot summer is in the forecast this year and what better way to cool down than an ice-cream adventure? 

In fact, did you know that Almaguin is the (self-proclaimed) ice cream capital of the near north? We have a ton of amazing little spots you can grab a cone (or bowl) and enjoy the sunshine-y days. 

So here it is, the great Almaguin ice cream tour: 2024 edition!



Like the name suggests, Scoop-A-Licious is serving up all the delicious ice cream confections and they even make their waffle cones in-house. Complete with an Instagram worthy backdrop, this new business in the region is a fun space to bring your favourite people for a sweet treat this summer. 

Contact: (705) 388-2476

Address: 93 Ontario St, Burks Falls


Burk’s Falls Kwik Way

The Kwik Way in Burk’s Falls also serves ice cream and if you buy 10, your eleventh one is free! And what’s better than free ice cream? Not much. You can also grab pizza, wings and other snacks at the Kwik Way. It’s a one stop shop of awesome. 

Contact: (705) 382-2887

Address: 170 Ontario Street, Burk's Falls


Savour This

If you’re looking for a place to satisfy all the sweet tooth cravings, you’ll have to check out Savour This because they’ve got baked goods a plenty! New this year, they are also serving that sweet, sweet soft serve ice cream from their super cute location. 


Address: 206 Ontario Street, Burk’s Falls


89 Main - Burk’s Falls 

89 Main just opened a second location in beautiful Burk’s Falls where you can find cute, comfy clothes, candy and ice cream! Huzzah!

Contact: (647) 804-0755

Address: 51 Commercial Drive, Burk's Falls



Tāst Italy

What did the root beer float say to the milkshake? Nothing, because root beer floats don't have mouths but you know what your mouth would love? A root beer float OR milkshake from Tāst Italy. They also have soft serve ice cream, sundaes and banana splits. For a meal (before or after the ice cream, we won't tell you how to live your life), Tāst Italy also serves homemade wood stove pizzas, chicken wings and they have gluten free options. Find them next to Perry Mart.

Contact: 705-636-1010

Address: 12 Hwy. 518 East, Emsdale



Double Decker

Do you like burgers? Do you like ice cream? Do you like ice cream on your burgers? Just kidding on that one, however, Double Decker in Sundridge has amazing homemade burgers (and other culinary delights) that you need to try. And nothing is better after a delish’ burger than soft-serve ice cream treats for dessert. If you’re in Sundridge, you won’t want to miss out on Double Decker — keep your eyes peeled on DDs social media for their weekly specials like the Bikini Bottom Float. Of course it's Spongebob approved!

Contact: (705) 384-9999

Address: 10397 hwy 124, Sundridge


89 Main - Sundridge

This is the main store for the tres chic 89 Main. Not your average boutique, 89 Main has the cutest Almaguin-centric clothing line, JellyCat Stuffies, adorable must-haves for your cottage and obviously all of that shopping is going to make you want an ice cream to cool down. Well, 89 Main has that too! So, grab a scoop and enjoy the Lake Bernard views as you walk downtown Sundridge. 

Contact: (647) 804-0755

Address: 89 Main St, Sundridge



South River Scoops N More

Banana splits, frozen yoghurt, over 40 Kawartha Dairy ice cream flavours and pup cups! South River Scoops N More is a cute new addition to the Village of South River. As the name says, it’s more than just ice cream! You can order custom cakes, cupcakes and other treats. There’s a cute outdoor space for you (and your pup!) to relax and enjoy these sweet scores. 

Contact: (705) 386-2313

Address: 281 Hwy 124, South River


South River Scoops & Bakeshop

Tucked beside local legend Sherri’s Diner, South River Scoops & Bakeshop is another cool place where you can grab ice cream, specialty drinks and baked goods in the Village of South River.


Address: 306 Hwy 124, South River

So scoop up, Almaguin, because this summer is going to be legendary. If you make it to all the ice cream spots in Almaguin while you’re here, tag us on social media.


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