Fall in love with Almaguin

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Fall in love with Almaguin


Just because summer is over doesn’t mean the adventures stop. In the fall, vibrant colours paint the Almaguin landscape in hues of crimson, gold and amber. It’s an enchanting backdrop for you and your favourite people to get out and do some exploring. 

As the crisp air returns, signalling the turning of the season, set out on an unforgettable journey through the region’s unique blend of natural beauty, outdoor adventures and the charming rural communities. 

From scenic bike rides adorned with autumn foliage to stoking the campfire under a swath of stars, there’s something for every traveller in Almaguin. 

Northridge Inn 

Glamping tents, private chalets, stunning suites and a vintage airstream, your next getaway has the potential to be glamorous. Nestled along the shores of Lake Bernard outside of Sundridge, The Northridge offers a beautiful boutique hotel setting with all the Northern Ontario charms. 

With in-house trail bikes, paddle boats, canoes and kayaks, you have immediate access to the water. If your adventure takes you off-resort, there are so many trails in Almaguin waiting to take you to another realm cloaked in fall colours. 


Copperhead Distillery

A true taste of Almaguin is found at Copperhead Distillery. Handcrafted spirits infused with local elements, if you're searching for something delicious to sip on during your stay, you will have to take a trip to the distillery. Keep an eye out for the Maple Moonshine, a seasonal spirit paired with Hubbert's Maple, a family-owned farm located in Sundridge.


Forgotten Trails 

The Almaguin region is weaved with stunning trails for you to get metaphorically lost on. To catch those fall colours as they spread across the rolling hills, the trail systems maintained by the Forgotten Trails Association in the South River area are simply spectacular. 

Moose Mountain and Laurier Tower Trail offer fantastic lookout vantages while Loxton Beaver Trail is a moderate 8.5-kilometre loop that will take you on an adventure through fens, bogs and marshland. 

But wait - there’s more! Discovery Routes has all the info’ you’ll need if you’re planning woodsy walkabouts. 


Missing Link Adventure Tours & Santosha Farm

Feel your worries wash away when you arrive at Missing Link Adventure Tours’ lodge, dubbed The LINNK, where you’ll find warm and inviting vibes. The Lodge, which can host up to 10 people, is bright, spacious and eco-friendly. A perfect place for you and your friends to 

This hidden oasis is located on the host organic farm: Santosha Farm, so when we say you’re getting a taste of heaven, we mean it - you will want to book a food package when you stay here because you’ll be savouring food grown right from the land you’re staying on. 

Good food, good wine and great conversations are a part of the Almaguin experience so be sure to cap your evening with a fire and an unparalleled view of the stars. 


Experience West Algonquin by Canoe 

The natural Northern Ontario beauty of Almaguin evokes a sense of boldness and joy that is priceless. For those who like a little less structure to their trips, and maybe a little Algonquin backcountry, why not canoe? 

Swift Canoe & Kayak has a location in South River just minutes away from Algonquin Park’s Kawawaymog (Round) Lake (Access Point #1). Here you can rent your gear and go for a paddle where you might be rewarded with a glimpse of wildlife such as beavers, otters, birds and maybe a moose. Or, bring your fishing kit and maybe you’ll pull in some beauty walleye. 


There are also three Algonquin Park access points located in Kearney, south Almaguin. 

The best part of Almaguin is the wilderness within reach, if backcountry camping isn’t your thing, you can retreat to one of the many unique accommodations in the region and enjoy comfort after a long, amazing day in the woods. 

Note: It’s exciting to encounter wildlife but let them stay wild. Refrain from feeding or approaching animals and remember to always store food securely to avoid any unpleasant run-ins with our animal friends. Also, remember to tread lightly, and leave no trace because you wouldn’t like it if the racoons came and made a mess in your home. 

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