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Choose Your Own Adventure - Quiz


Almaguin is like one of those “choose your own adventure” books we all used to read as a kid. You remember the ones – you go through a scenario, and you come to a point when you get to choose the character's next decision. Living or travelling in Almaguin is kind of like that! You come to this area with certain expectations, and quickly realize there is so much here to explore, try, and experience. To help you determine what kind of adventure would best suit you, we have a quick quiz here to narrow it down!

Q. 1 What destination is on your bucket list?

a) The Caribbean
b) The United Kingdom
c) Europe
d) Australia/New Zealand

Q.2 What type of vacation do you usually gravitate towards?

a) I like to relax by the water and sip something cold
b) I enjoy history, shopping, and touring around
c) I love to try out all different foods and immerse myself in the culture
d) I want to find the craziest adventure out there

Q.3 After a vacation, your favourite thing to do is…?

a) Look at the pictures I took of the water and sunsets – it helps me relax and hold on to the holiday
b) Admire the treasures I found during my shopping excursions
c) Test out some new recipes I learned while away
d) Rewatch the videos I took of my adventures – and make sure I tell all my friends about it!

Q. 4 What is something you are more likely to try out?

a) A new secret swimming hole most people don’t know about
b) Explore some super small shop off the beaten track- that’s where the best souvenirs are found!
c) Try a new food others may think of as gross….something like chocolate covered bugs!
d) Go bungee jumping, or skydiving! Anything to get your adrenaline pumping.

Q.5 What kind of pictures do you usually take of your vacation?

a) Sunsets, waterfront views and landscapes – nature is the prettiest
b) Selfies – I love to showcase the outfits I wore while on my trip, or myself in the cool spots I found
c) Food pics, especially if the meal was beautifully presented
d) I don’t take photos. They’d all be blurry. I’d much prefer to take videos.



If you answered mostly A’s – You are a relaxed person who would rather park yourself on a beach, dock or somewhere with a hammock and curl up with a good book. The best vacations are ones where you can truly unwind, forget about work, and no one will judge you for taking a nap. To make the most of your vacation here in Almaguin, be sure to check out:

Places to stay: Northridge Inn – Situated on the southernmost tip of Lake Bernard, the world’s largest fresh water lake with an island, THE NORTHRIDGE caters to all seasonal events and holidays. They are renowned for their picturesque lakefront views, and true Canadian atmosphere. THE NORTHRIDGE is small enough to make the guests feel as if they are vacationing at a boutique hotel but large enough to offer all the amenities one expects to find at a large Muskoka Resort.

If you answered mostly B’s- You love to explore! Nothing too high impact, but you appreciate the history of the area, and the things that make it unique. You especially love finding that super special treasure to take home with you as a reminder of your awesome vacation! While in Almaguin, make sure you go to:

Places to Stay: Maple Ridge Retreat - Maple Ridge Retreat offers a unique eco-friendly vacation getaway. You will experience living off-grid and still have all the amenities of home while enjoying the surrounding natural beauty of the Almaguin Highlands.

If you answered mostly C’s – You are a foodie! You travel for the new taste experiences and want to immerse yourself in the culture through the restaurants you try!  If you love trying new food, some definite places to stop while in Almaguin include:

Almaguin also has some great options for fresh produce if you are more of the farm-to-table type.

Places to Stay: Pit Stop 518 – They are a fully licensed restaurant with glamping accommodation on site. Stop by for delicious, homemade food on your travels, or stay a while and enjoy a unique experience in one of their beautiful, authentic Mongolian yurts.

If you answered mostly D’s – You are an adrenaline junkie! Anything that gets your blood pumping and gives you a good story to tell is the type of vacation you want to have. Want to get adventurous in Almaguin? Try out:

Places to Stay: Voyager Quest - Voyageur Quest designs and operates Algonquin Park's most authentic, inspiring and unforgettable adventures. Voyageur Quest specializes in Algonquin Park Canoe Trips, Lodge Based Adventure Trips and Private Cottage Rentals.

Northern Edge Algonquin - Northern Edge Algonquin, located 3 hours from Toronto at a quiet corner of Algonquin Park, co-creates and hosts all-inclusive transformational retreats for groups of 8 to 30.