Treasure Hunt in Almaguin: Shop these Hidden Gems

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Treasure Hunt in Almaguin: Shop these Hidden Gems


Who doesn’t get a little dopamine reward when you tap that debit card for the coolest trinket you ever did see? We don’t judge this side of Hwy. 11. 

If you like to go on little adventures to find the coolest things or some nifty, thrifty goodness, Almaguin has some unique little stops that are sure to light you up. 

If you’re coming up to the Great Canadian Wilderness just north of Toronto, we’ve built out the perfect roadmap for you to find all the neat stuff in Almaguin. 


The Muskoka Room Antiques & Vintage
2197 Highway 592 South, Emsdale, ON

Antiques and vintage decor are the theme at this adorable tucked away barn-turned-shop in Almaguin’s town of Emsdale. Snag your next perfect piece at The Muskoka Room. 

Bizzy B’zz Bookbin
1999 Emsdale Rd, Emsdale, ON

Book thrifters rejoice! Bizzy B’zz Bookbin has spines upon spines for your perusal and you’re sure to up that 2024 To-Read list after a stop-in at the book bin. 

Burk’s Falls

Circling Hawks
156 Ontario St., Burk’s Falls, ON

For those who find solace with incense, healing with crystals, and all things magick then a stop at Circling Hawks is required. This witchy space exudes calming vibes and is stocked with the coolest finds. P.S. There is also a fairy garden.

Almaguin Donation Store
205 Ontario St., Burk’s Falls, ON

Do you remember when thrift stores used to have thrift store prices? Explore Almaguin remembers. You will find all the retro finds with all the retro prices at the Almaguin Donation Store.

The Emporium: Antiques, Collectibles
205 Ontario St., Burk’s Falls, ON

After you’re done thrifting your heart out, pop upstairs to The Emporium where your next favourite trinket is waiting for you. The store lives up to its name and you will find collectibles, antiques/vintage items, jewelry, music and so much more. 

The Mag
113 Yonge St., Burk’s Falls, ON

If you’re looking for cottage comfy supplies, The Mag - conveniently located across from the Almaguin Donation Store - has got you covered. From cozy blankets, fresh scented candles, and the cutest dishware, you’ll find Canadian-made, women-owned products that will add the perfect touch to your space. 

Savour That
204 Ontario St., Burk’s Falls, ON 

Cool, quirky and all-around unique, Savour That Arts Collective, Gifts and Candy has it all. Wood sculptures, freeze-dried candy, beautiful paintings and other artisan-made creations are waiting for you to find them. 

Sundridge/South River

Crystal Cave

11077 Hwy. 124, South River, ON

Journey into the realms of the fae when you enter the doors of Crystal Cave. It’s more than just a gem store, it’s a healing experience. You won’t want to miss out on checking out this beautiful store as well as mineral exhibit located just outside of the Village of South River. 

Second Nature Thrift
10393 Hwy. 124, Sundridge, ON

An eco-friendly thrift shop located in the heart of Sunny Sundridge. Not only will you score some amazing clothing at super affordable prices, you can even adopt your next plant baby! That’s just double winning if you ask us. 

89 Main
89 Main St., Sundridge, ON

If you’re looking for some serious Almaguin swag, 89 Main features treasures abound with your favourite locales, Northern Ontario vibes and very chic items. Also, they sell JellyCat stuffies. Nuff’ said. 

10 John St., Sundridge, ON

More than just holistic health food, Zak’s has something for everyone. From fashion, books and supplements to whimsical children’s items, snag the next gift for the special people in your life. 

Like Almaguin, shopping here is a unique experience with so many things you just won’t find anywhere else. 

If you’re looking to round out your Almaguin adventure with even more cool things to do, check out our other trip ideas.


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