Unleash Your Ultimate Summer Adventure in Almaguin

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Unleash Your Ultimate Summer Adventure in Almaguin

August 1st, 2023 by Sarah Cooke

As we enter those dog days of summer—which if you didn’t know the term was coined for the rising of Sirius, the star system colloquially known as the dog star and in ancient times was thought to bring on bad luck but now, it mostly refers to those hot as heck days where you need to hit the beach. 

In addition to the beaches (and Almaguin has plenty of beautiful ones) you may be wondering what other summer fun there is to be had.

Well, this list has got you covered. From riding the trails by horseback or taking a boat trip out into the middle of the lake, Almaguin has it all. 


Outdoor Adventures ATV
521 Airport Rd, South River, Ont. 

The summer months are made for ATVing and other outdoor adventures and like their namesake, Outdoor Adventures ATV offers exciting excursions through scenic forests, lakes and rivers. It’s not just ATVs either, you can book a kayak adventure as well and paddle Almaguin.


The Forgotten Trails

If you’re seeking the experience of being alone in the forest, The Forgotten Trails in Almaguin will sate that need. You can find trails that bring you peace and solitude across seven municipalities of varying lengths.


Stewart Coughlin Riding Ranch
129 Riding Ranch Rd, South River, Ont.

Since 1960, Stewart Coughlin Riding Ranch has been welcoming visitors to explore their network of trails in the South River region. There’s something for every level of equestrian enthusiast at the ranch including pony rides for children ages 5 and under. 


Underwing Camping at the South River - Sundridge Airpark
521 Airport Rd, Sundridge, Ont.

For those who may be flying into the Almaguin region, the South River - Sundridge Airpark offers “underwing” camping where you can enjoy the starry night sky from under the wing of your own plane.

To coordinate, you can reach the Airpark by phone, email, or Facebook. Amenities include a firepit and washroom facilities in the Airpark’s clubhouse.


Fly a Kite at the Local Fairgrounds 

Remember when your parents would tell you to go fly a kite? Well, why not fly a kite amidst the beautiful Almaguin Highlands? Purchase any kite of your choosing and check out these local fairgrounds.

Township of Perry
25 Joseph St., Emsdale, Ont.

Armour, Ryerson and Burk’s Falls
220 Centre St., Burk’s Falls, Ont.

31 William Street, Sprucedale, Ont.

Sundridge, Strong and Joly

14 Albert St. North, Sundridge, Ont.

South River
1 Lincoln Ave., South River, Ont.

55 Fairview Ln., Powassan, Ont. 


Emsdale Airport
100 ON-518, Emsdale, Ont.

The Emsdale Airport sits at an ideal location for aviators to explore and enjoy a wide variety of scenery and local attractions, just minutes away from local beaches, shopping opportunities, and restaurants.


Scotty’s Lake Tours 

Have you been on a boat in Almaguin? If you know, you know. Scotty’s Lake Tours not only gives you the opportunity to take your people out on one of the pristine lakes in Almaguin but it’s equal parts fun and educational. Have you ever heard of phragmites? It’s an invasive species of plant that is easily transferable and hard to kill. Scotty can tell you all about it!

So grab the fishing poles, life jackets, and good vibes, and get out on the water! 


Eagle Lake Narrows Country Store
2370 Eagle Lake Rd, South River, Ont.

Not only will you find some delicious snacks to fill your belly at the Eagle Lake Narrows Country Store, you can rent paddle boards, motor boats (must possess a valid Ontario boating license), canoes, kayaks, and tandem kayaks.

So go on and find your adventure on the beautiful Eagle Lake.


Canoe Algonquin
1914 ON-518, Kearney, Ont. 

Maybe you’re looking for adventure in the backcountry. Well, the access points in Kearney, Ontario’s “Biggest Little Town,” offer a trip down the unbeaten path into Algonquin Park for those who are looking for a more rugged experience. 

At Canoe Algonquin, you can rent canoes, kayaks, and standup paddle boards as well as camping gear to accompany you on your trek into the wilderness. 


This article only highlights nine of the amazing recreational opportunities in Almaguin but if you’re looking to see even more of what the region has to offer check out our online business directory at www.explorealmaguin.ca