Fighting the Winter Blues

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Fighting the Winter Blues

February 9th, 2022 by Courtney Metcalf

Its easy to fall into that old familiar melancholy feeling that always comes in the winter. The holidays are over, and the warmer weather still feels so far away. So, to help you cope with the winter blues, here are some tips to try out this week!

  1. Go Outside
    Sunshine is good for us, which is why we often find ourselves happier and more relaxed in the summer. Shorter days, less sunlight and more time spent indoors can make you feel depressed. This week try to make an effort to get outside! There are so many great ways to explore Almaguin, even in the winter.
    Get out for some snowshoeing on any of our awesome trails, take your sled out on some of the newly open snowmobiling trails, check out some of our outdoor skating rinks, or try out a more unique experience with Outdoor Adventures ATV and try out some winter atving on approved trails and properties (please note, using an atv on snowmobile trails is not allowed).

    Getting outdoors will improve your mood, help regulate your sleep cycles, and make you more productive!


    Outdoor Rinks: Magnetawan, Katrine, Emsdale, Kearney
    Outdoor Adventures ATV:
    Go Snowmobiling Ontario:  /

  1. Plan a Special Night or Getaway for Valentine’s Day
    Having something to look forward to can fill our days with purpose and excitement. Booking a special retreat or fun night out (or in) is the perfect way to stay inspired. You may want to consider a local winter retreat in some of our cabins or yurts, making a reservation at one of our amazing local restaurants, or putting together a date night in with ordered-in food, flowers and chocolates! We event have some great businesses who have put together packages and deals specifically for Valentine’s Day!

    Fork on Main – Kearney
    Outdoor Adventures ATV- South River
    Powassan Flowers and Country Favourites – Powassan
    Algonquin Fine Foods – Magnetawan
    Zak’s Naturally – Sundridge

  1. Make Time for Self-Care
    Looking after yourself and your mental health should be a top priority. Take some time to do something just for you. Find a new book to borrow from the local library, do an at-home spa day, pick up a new hobby. Book a massage or hair and nail appointment with any of our amazing businesses. Whatever helps you to wind down and relax, make sure you make time for that.

  2. Get Up and Exercise
    Exercise helps to boost endorphins, which help to lift your mood. Exercising will also help reduce that feeling of guilt you may feel after indulging on Valentine’s chocolates! Take a look at some of our amazing fitness classes offered at community centres across Almaguin, virtual workouts, or consider a gym membership if that’s more up your alley!

    Fitness and yoga classes at 250 Clark – Powassan
    Algonquin Fitness and Wellness Centre – South River
    PL Fitness – Sundridge
    Fitness Essentials with Cindy – Burk’s Falls
    Maple Hill Health and Fitness – Powassan
    Anita Desmet – Certified Trainer & Nutrition Coach – Burk’s FallsHowever you choose to enjoy winter in Almaguin, whether its playing in the snow and cuddling up indoors, I hope this list have given you some inspiration to beat the winter blues!