Carpool Almaguin

In 2009, a collaborative project to address the lack of public transportation in Almaguin was developed, called Carpool Almaguin. This project was headed by the Women’s Own Resource Centre (WORC) and supported by FedNor and participating municipalities. Carpooling can be a great benefit to our area by addressing our public transportation challenges, while also helping individuals save money and reduce pollution.

We have mapped out various locations to leave your parked car while carpooling, resources available to help you connect with others, and the advantages to carpooling.

Carpool Lots in Almaguin

Here you will find a list of parking lots across Almaguin that are winter maintained, well lit, and close proximity to either the Highway 11 corridor or a town centre.

Powassan/ Trout Creek

Trout Creek Community Centre
181 Main St W, Trout Creek, ON

Powassan Park and Go
Hwy 534, Powassan, ON

South River

South River Machar Arena
1 Lincoln Ave, South River, ON

281 Hwy 124, South River, ON
Next to Outdoor Adventures ATV.

Strong Township

Township of Strong Office
28 Municipal Ln, Sundridge, ON


Magnetawan Municipal Office
4304 ON-520, Magnetawan, ON

How To Connect


"Our team is on a mission to fill empty seats in cars and make travel more social, affordable and sustainable for everyone."

How it works:

  • Join 600,000+ people who carpool between cities in Canada. Free sign up.

  • Download the mobile app to post and book trips anytime on the go.

  • Pay and receive money online and review your experience after each trip.

  • Passengers pay in advance on a secure online platform.

  • Post empty seats and collect money to cover your driving costs.

  • Drivers receive payment to their bank account or PayPal once the trip is completed.

Trust and Safety
  • Poparide verifies their members.

  • You choose who you travel with.

  • Poparide monitors activity closely.

  • Your money is handled through a secure payment system.

  • You're covered under regular car insurance.

  • You're protected from scams by communicating directly through the Poparide website or app.

Visit their Website


Poparide is a third party organization that allows riders to connect with drivers. ACED nor any of its members are in any way affiliated with Poparide.

Any users who chose to connect through the Poparide service do so at their own risk and at their own discretion.

ACED does not receive any renumeration or benefit (financial or other) for promoting the Poparide service.

ACED is not liable for any harm resulting from the use of the App or any other ride sharing interactions.

Platform users are encouraged to exercise appropriate care and consideration prior to engaging in any ridesharing transactions.

Benefits of Carpooling

Carpooling offers many benefits.

Carpooling can save you money!

Carpooling is both financially responsible and socially economical. It allows you to share the cost of gas and parking fees, and you can save on expenses by at least 50% or more depending on how many occupants you take. If you don't own a vehicle, or live in a single vehicle household, carpooling and paying someone else to drive may be more affordable than to purchase a car and pay the associate costs of owning a vehicle.

You will also be helping to reduce the costs of road maintenance and construction of new roads by reducing the number of cars and traffic on the road. Its a win/win!

Carpooling helps save the environment

Fewer cars on the road reduces the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and improves air quality. Improved air quality is also good for your health. According to Environment Canada, air pollution caused by traffic is linked to health concerns including: respiratory diseases, cardiovascular disease, and allergies. By carpooling, you can help contribute to the health of your community by reducing these health risks.

Carpooling is convenient

In a region like Almaguin where public transportation is limited or does not exist, carpooling can be a great option. If you can connect with someone who makes the same daily commute as you, plans to make the same long-distance trip as you, or likes to shop in the same town as you, its a great alternative to public transportation.

Make new friends

Carpooling is a great way to make new friends and reduce the stresses of the commute by having someone to chat with on the drive.