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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to start a business in Almaguin. What kind of help is available to me?

The ACED Team is a great starting point to exploring your support options. Our team is connected to a variety of support agencies that offer a wide range of programs and information that can help you reach your business; and yes, sometimes event grants! Simply call or email one of our team members for an initial consultation.

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What kind of government grants are available to businesses and entrepreneurs in the Almaguin Region?

Check out our opportunities page here.
Depending on the type of business you operate (or are planning to open), there are various grant opportunities that you may be eligible for. Eligibility is the key word here. Each grant program has a specific objective it is aiming to achieve. How well your project (start-up, expansion) fits within program objectives will ultimately determine what is available to you. Our team recommends getting in touch with us for a confidential consultation so we can recommend any programs or resources for you to consider.

Do I have to pay for ACED Services?

Our services are absolutely free to business operators and entrepreneurs across the Almaguin Region. These services are made possible through the support of our local municipalities and through the generous support of the Federal and Provincial Governments.

How do I find the contact information for individual Municipal offices?

You can locate the municipal offices on our map which also includes their contact information by filtering and selecting "municipal office".
Alternatively, you can also view a list of the municipal offices and their respective information here

Where can I find the business directory?

Our business directory can either be viewed on a map, or as a list by going to "Explore" and selecting the appropriate option. The map can be found here.

You can use the filter option to find the specific industry you are looking for, and use the map to find a business close to your location. If you do not see your business listed, please submit your business information using this Form.

How do I contact the Local Chamber of Commerce?

Joining your area’s Chamber of Commerce can be a smart move for your business. Businesses that participate in the Chamber have the opportunity to assist with promoting the Almaguin Highlands and our collective businesses.  Working together, we can help your business grow and prosper.

You can find the Almaguin Highlands Chamber of Commerce here or go directly to their website.